Our Serives


  • Sighting / advice in general legal issues
  • Personal assistance with jobseekers, apprenticeships
  • Writing and understanding letters
  • Fill out forms
  • Personal assistance in finding accommodation
  • Conflict management
  • Request work permits
  • Contact with authorities

Groupe Advice and Information


We pass on information and conduct discussions about the fatherhood in Switzerland with the migrants.
It does not matter whether they are characterized by good tradition and rituals from their own country,
or have had bad examples. We show them how to integrate in Switzerland.
We give a workshop for 8 to 15 people in the father’s round.
In these, we exchange ideas about fatherhood, talk about positive as well as negative experiences.


We introduce ourselves and give you information about our association “to be a father in the Switzerland “,
To the specialist in the seminar as well as in the workshops will present them our goal, who are the target groups
and we give them general information of the target groups.

Language Course Arabic / Tigrinya / NEW: Farsi

هلاين and ሰላም! The first sign in Arabic means “welcome”, the second in Tigrinya “hello”.
But no fear of characters – the course is aimed at the verbal usage of language.

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