Mission and Values

“The most important influence in my childhood was my father.”

DeForest Kell



While reaching to a new country and culture, immigrants faces a lot of troubles, including financial and social problems.
Our goals in “Vater Sein In Der Schweiz” are to steadily relieve and improve their social, economical and financial problems by continuous consultation and training programs.

We are focused on following main objectives:

    • Paternal commitment is encouraged in the educational work.
    • Fathers with migration background preventing from isolation.
    • Encourage and motivate the participating fathers to integrate their own cultural roots in the development of their fatherhood and to recognize them as resources.
    • There will be further topic selected on site.
    • Develop your own paternal role deliberately by incorporating your own cultural resources.

Review and Perspectives:

  • Recognition to strengthen the value as a father and it`s role in the family.
  • Exchange of experience in small fathers` circle.
  • Increased self-competencies.
  • Networking with other fathers in similar situations.
  • Discover of another fatherhood experience in Switzerland.
  • Ability to create a new environment.
  • Openness and tolerance can be encouraged.
  • Strengthening entire family by rolling the father.

Our core values are


We strive to make brave choices and to act with conviction and determination.


We aim to bring about positive, significant and lasting change in the lives of children and their communities.


We favour an honest, responsible and open approach based on cooperation and acceptance of diversity.


We endeavour to act with humanity and professionalism with and around children, and to promote fairness and equality.