About Us

“Every father should remember, that one day his child will follow his example, rather than his words”


is A leading Swiss immigrant relief agency. Through our consultation, training and support projects, we provide assistance to hundreds of newcomers to Switzerland each year.

We are four men and a woman from four different countries. “Vater sein in der Schweiz” was founded in 2009 as an association. The association has program advice: technical support, coaching, and assistance to help individuals and organizations.

Vater sein in der Schweiz” is an exchange of ideas and experiences between the father in Switzerland, who have migration background on the following topics:


How has your scooter as a father in Switzerland changed compared to the country of origin?


You would like to discuss how other fathers think about their role as a father in Switzerland?


Do you want to gain experience so that you can enjoy your father’s job even better?