Yohannes Berhane is committed to the integration of immigrant fathers.


«My father is a role model for me», says Eritrea-born Yohannes Berhane and digs out of his agenda an old black and white photo. You can see him as a child posing proudly on a group picture of his father’s football team. With these words, the 46-year-old has already broken many a silence and men who do not usually like to talk about their role as father, brought to discuss.

Berhane has lived with his wife in Switzerland for 20 years – they have a 12-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old son. Berhane has been acting as an intermediary between the Swiss and the Eritrean cultures in Bern for 10 years. He is particularly committed to fathers with a migration background. With his commitment he meets the core theme of the fourth Swiss Father’s Day, which will take place tomorrow. This is marked by “being a father in a multicultural Switzerland” (see box). Around the Father’s Day transcultural discussions take place. Berhane will also be moderating daddy rounds. «Fathers are somewhat neglected», he says. In addition, it is important for the integration that there is the Father’s Day.